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weetzie bat Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in the "weetzie bat" journal:
December 6th, 2007
02:23 am
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i have something to confess.

i like christmas. no, i mean i really like christmas. i put up a tree and burn clove candles and start humming "haul out the holly, doo doo doo doo..." willa eats the tree and drinks its water. yum. this year we're calling it yulemas; how very pagan.

i like buying the perfect presents. i like the bustle of busy restaurants, even if i now have to wait--i wasn't really doing anything anyway. i like christmas parties and fancy shoes. the holiday isn't exhausting because i've been resting all year.

and i've met a boy, one that makes it feel like every day is an opportunity. someone inspiring and lovely and very very good to me. his name is zach. you should meet him. i think you'd really like him.
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April 10th, 2007
05:55 am
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July 16th, 2002
01:00 am
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rain clear
it finally clouded over today. lije and i had been talking about the oppressive, stagnant, endless heat. "it was hot today. it has been hot for as long as i can remember. it will be hot for as far as i can see."
the heat has an awful effect on the disposition. "life sucked today. life has sucked for as long as i can remember. life will suck for as far as i can see."

left work and rain was sprinkling the ground. like god turned on the sprinklers and all we needed now was the slip n slide. i saw a man with red-rimmed eyes and a little orange plastic squirt gun. we laughed as we passed each other, each in his/her own little exaltation. the rain washed some evil skin off the city. an evil skin of heat and sweat and awful, sticky depression. rain is an overused symbol. today i read this in one of john steinbeck's letters: "You say you are afraid of symbols. But you see in this country the deep symbol of security is rain--water. And the symbol of evil is drought. There isn't any twisting of symbols there. It's a very real thing." my mom thinks it funny that i identify so closely with someone so many generations removed from me.

it didn't rain very much. but not very much was all that was needed.

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March 3rd, 2002
12:00 pm
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do i know you?

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